The Assessment Appointment

Our clinical manager regularly reviews the appointments we have available and the applications from people who have applied. When we have an appointment coming up which is suitable for you we will contact you and invite you to come in for an assessment with one of our experienced therapists.

The aim of this appointment, which will be up to ninety minutes (1½hrs) long, is for you to come and talk about the problems you are experiencing and to discuss how we can help you.

While you are here you will also be asked to fill out a short assessment form which asks you questions like ‘How often have you felt like crying in the last week?’ and ‘How often have you achieved the things you wanted to achieve in the last week?’.

After the appointment the therapist you have spoken to writes a report for the clinical manager, we look at the assessment form you have filled in and then our clinical manger confirms which therapist we will recommend for you, and your appointment time.

Then our office staff will get in touch with you and offer you a regular (weekly) appointment and you can start therapy.  

Please note: we charge for the assessment session whether or not a person decides to enter therapy. See page 6 of our information booklet for the sliding scale of charges.

Checked/Updated  27th Feb 2019

Checked/Updated  26th March 2016