If you are interested in having therapy at Share, and you think the type of therapy we offer will help, then please fill in an Application form.

We use the application form to learn about your needs and to prioritise you in our pool of people waiting for therapy. Therefore it is important that you fill in the form as fully and as honestly as you can.

If you need any help with language or with writing the application it is important that you take the time to find someone to help. We do not allocate appointments based on who comes first - if your needs are more severe than others you will be prioritised, it doesn’t matter how quickly you get the form filled in.

Applications which have information missing will be returned to you, and we will explain what you need to do.

When your application has been reviewed you will get an email confirming that you have been added to our list of applicants. We will then use the information you have given us to find an appointment which will suit you.

When an appointment which meets your needs and matches the days you are available becomes free we will contact you to offer you an assessment appointment (see our page on Assessments for more information).


We work hard to match applicants with suitable appointments as soon as possible. However, we deliver medium to long-term therapy at Share and so our clients stay with us for a long time, sometimes up to two years. This means that our appointments do not come available very quickly. We will keep in touch with you while you are waiting.

Checked/Updated 27th february 2019