Share's Service Evaluation

This consists of CORE, Client Feedback Forms, the gathering of Yearly Statistics and our Experiencing Psychotherapy Questionnaire.

CORE - stands for Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation, it is a national research tool and it is widely used in the Statutory and Voluntary Sectors.

Clients complete the 34 questions questionnaire at the assessment session, at the first regular therapy session and at the final therapy session. The questionnaire mainly measurers the outcomes of the therapy and if there is any meaningful improvement in emotional and behavioural levels.

CORE guarantees that we have practiced based evidence for psychological therapies. We regularly produce statistics & evaluation on our service.  

Client Feed Back Form - these forms are available in our waiting area, which means that clients can immediately complete this form if they have any comments or suggestions on our service.  On this form we also ask clients their reasons for seeking therapy and what their experience of therapy is.  The form can be filled in anonymously and either put in the 'Feed Back box' in the waiting area, emailed or posted to Share.

Experiencing Psychotherapy Questionnaire Research - This was launched on 14th July 2008.  We now use this evaluation tool every year with those clients in therapy with us and those who have finished therapy within the last year. 

The measurement of client satisfaction has been widely used in different health care organisations. The purpose of our study is to examine client's experiences of their treatment at Share Psychotherapy.

Checked/Updated 26th March 2016