​Information about art therapy

Art therapy, which is also sometimes referred to as art psychotherapy, is a form of psychotherapy aimed at exploring, through image making, the underlying thought processes and conflicts causing emotional distress. Art therapy may be offered individually or in a group. In either case, the aim is to help you use image making to express and think about your problems.

Within the reliable and confidential relationship offered by the art therapist you will have the opportunity to explore your memories, feelings, dreams and fantasies in order to link past life events with your present difficulties. Through using art to explore these formative experiences you may arrive at a better understanding of yourself, your relationships with others and the nature of your distress. This may lead to positive and enduring changes in your mental health.

Although it is often assumed to be so, it is not the case that only those individuals who are ‘good at art’ are able to make use of art therapy.

For more infommation please download our Art Therapy Flyer

Checked/Updated  17th March 2016